“Counselling helped me to understand the tension I have been experiencing between different facets of my nature and, as the sessions progressed, to resolve that tension into something creative and positive… Arieh was an invaluable guide through the process and helper in bringing insights to birth. The course of counselling was a pleasure and I felt that Arieh and I worked effectively together with some quite striking results over a relatively short period. “ – Tom

“When I came to Arieh, my mind and life were in a complete mess. I felt like every aspect of my usually controlled life was unravelling. Arieh taught me to stop, think and accept – three things I’ve never been any good at.

Without him, I would never have realised that the superficial problems I was complaining about in our first session were in fact a by-product of much deeper feelings, which I learned to recognise and, more importantly, accept.

I came to Arieh hoping my relationship with my partner would improve. I left with an improvement in my relationship with my partner, my parents, my sibling, my friends and my colleagues. And with myself!

My time with Arieh has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.”Kerry

“Counselling gave me a space to talk and to open up that was impossible at home. The space and time to just talk about what was troubling me was very helpful and I found Arieh very easy to talk to.”Brian

“Counselling has helped me become more accepting of all facets of my personality and has improved my ability to “self-counsel”. I came away with some practical “things” of great help. The unconditional positive regard I recieved was also very therapeutic / healing.”Martin

All names have been changed to protect client identities and all testimonials have been reproduced with the client’s permission.